Animations 4K

Animated overlays for your YouTube videos.

For everyone who does, starts and has thought about creating content for YouTube, whatever their niche.

! You will be able to generate: subscriptions, likes, notifications and share your videos!


Overlays for YouTube

  • 70 video animation assets
  • Green background (Quicktime .mov files)
  • Animations of; Like, Notify, Subscribe and Share
  • 4K resolution


New and exclusive overlays for your YouTube content. Animations in 3D and 2D in green screen, to achieve everything that as a YouTube content creator you want, and that your audience likes each video, that they subscribe to your channels, that they share your content and activate the notification bell to see more new content.

Get more subscribers to your channel by adding reminders to your YouTube videos, using these exclusive new animation, subscribe, like, share and notification overlays.


Project Type – YouTube Overlays

Style – Like, Notify, Share and Subscribe Button Animations

Video Assets – 70 Pre-Rendered Video Elements

Resolution – 4k

Format – Quicktime (MOV)

Video Lengths – 00:06/00:30

FPS – 30

Aspect Ratio – 16×9 (adjusted)

Backgrounds – Green Screen ( Backgrounds)

Plugins – None Required

Sounds – None

Photos & Videos – Not Included (OtzarPx)

Music – Not Included

Download Size – 375 MB

License & Refund InfoLearn More


Create your YouTube videos using all 70 animations, to remind your viewers to like your video, subscribe, share and enable notifications. All overlays for YouTube are compatible with any video editing platform. Drag and drop pre-rendered video assets and resize them to perfectly fit your videos.

You will have at your disposal the assets to generate the desired results, giving versatility to your videos with the 70 animations that remind your audience of the actions they can do in favor of your channel and grow by giving you likes every time they watch a new video, if they have not subscribed to subscribe to your channel, that they get excited when sharing your videos and that they are aware of new content when activating the notification bell.

YouTube Marketers

The main ranking factors on YouTube are engagement signals such as; like, the action of sharing, subscribing and notifying.

Videos that have animation have been proven to be up to 20 times more attractive than a standard video. So, by adding an animated overlay, you can observe an increase in user engagement, whether it’s giving you a like, subscribing, activating the notifications bell and sharing, improving the ranking on YouTube.

How much does the 4K animation package cost?

At this point, you’re probably wondering, and «How much does the 4K animation package cost?» And with all the possibilities of interaction with your YouTube audience that will help you get, subscribe, like, share and also want to be notified of your new content, it is not surprising that the price that the 4K animation package will have  will be  500 dollars,  which is actually a bargain considering all the benefit and money you can save,  since the value of each 4K video is in the 50 dollars or more each on recognized web pages  and would cost you around  3500 dollars of investment or more for 70 4K videos.

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Wait, there is yet another gift!

5 overlays of social responsibility, since today more than ever we have to take care of the environment. You will certainly add high value to your videos and your audience will appreciate it, that you take care of the environment and them.

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